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Freelance Tutor Role

Join the RocketHour Team as a part time tutor for 6 - 10 hours per week.

1. What is RocketHour 🚀

RocketHour is an online code class for kids and teens. We work with South African students from ages 7 to 16. In our weekly classes, our students are guided through the RocketHour program by their tutor and given a solid foundation in building apps and games with code. Our classes are run in a group setting with between 4 and 7 students per class.

2. Why we need you ☝️

RocketHour cannot run without our amazing team of tutors. We currently have a team of 25 superstar tutors and are looking to hire 3 more. This is where you come in.
We need you because...
You are passionate about technology - and not just binge watching Netflix or playing Call of Duty! No, you are excited about CREATING things with tech. Perhaps you have a background in Computer Science or Engineering. Perhaps you have worked with digital art. What is most important is that you are keen to work with tech in a creative capacity.
You genuinely care about kids. You love working with groups of children. You are the life of your nephew or niece’s birthday party. You know how to be patient and kind. But you also know how to create firm boundaries.
You have a problem solving mind. You know how to break down complex problems into their constituent parts. You are logical at heart. You are quick to learn new skills. You either know how to code or are likely to pick it up quickly.

3. The requirements for the job

You know your way around a computer effortlessly.
You took Mathematics for Matric.
You have experience leading or teaching children/teens.
You have a super reliable fibre internet connection.
You are able to teach 6 or more hours per week (all year long).

Note: Lessons are between 3.30pm and 6.30pm, Monday to Thursday. Additional classes are run on Friday afternoons and occasionally Saturday mornings.

4. The Training Process 🎓

RocketHour is not like any other regular tutoring gig. It takes 10 solid weeks to train up and learn how to run one of our coding lessons. We like to see this training time as a win-win for both us and you. You will get a super solid grounding in how to hold a lesson space and teach effectively. This is a skill you will use for the rest of your life.
The next training period will be in mid-year 2024. If you are interested, please do submit an application and we will then reach out when we have finalised our start date for training.

5. Express you Interest 🔔

You’re on board? Excellent! There are a couple of steps we need you to take next.
Step 1: Record a 2 - 3 minute Loom video telling us about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit as a RocketHour tutor.
Step 2: Click the ‘Express your Interest’ button below.
Step 3: Fill in your essential details and include the link to your Loom Video.
Please Note: We will get back to you in the 2-3 weeks leading up to our next Training Period. If you have any questions you would like to ask in the meantime, please email

Note: Apply for Additional Roles at RocketHour 🚀

We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join other areas of our team in a part-time or full-time capacity. If you love what we do and feel you have skills to contribute to our vision outside or in addition to being a tutor, we’d love to hear from you.
Step 1: Record a 2 - 3 minute Loom video telling us about yourself and what you feel you could contribute to RocketHour.
Step 2: Click the ‘Express Interest For Additional Roles’ button below.
Step 3: Fill in your essential details and include the link to your Loom Video.
Step 4: Email to let us know that you have submitted the below form.

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